Haddonfield High School tennis coach Jeff Holman made it a sweep as he earned his 1,000th career win with the boys' tennis program in April, 2014.

    Way To Go, COACH!





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        Haddonfield High School tennis coach Jeff Holman earned his 1,000th career win with
    the girls' tennis program on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013 as the host Bulldawgs defeated
    Audubon High School 5-0 an a Colonial Conference match. Many people don't realize that
    coach Holman was selected, as an alumnus, for the Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS)
    Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 and has served as the HMHS representative on the
    HAS Board of Trustees for more than 10 years.
    View newspaper articles by clicking HERE for Courier-Post article (Sept. 20, 2013).
                                                                   HERE for Wire article (Sept. 25, 2013).










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        Patricia Kolodi former Haddonfield Memorial High School educator retires after teaching 35 years.  Mrs. Kolodi is notable for writing what became the syllabus of the "Vietnam" elective taught in many New Jersey high schools.  It is still one of the most popular electives requested by our students.  Mrs. Kolodi taught the whole student not just the academic student.  Patty encouraged her students to think, she asked them to put themselves into the historical context.  More than many Patty worked after school hours and instituted many of our staples of the HMHS social fabric including "Mr HMHS", "The Promenade", "Operations Smile", "Dog-Walking" and many more programs which instilled a sense of "student-citizenship" thereby connecting students with their body and community beyond.

        Although Mrs. Kolodi departed HMHS a few years ago when she left to teach at Mount St. Joseph's in Flourtown, finishing her career teaching at Delran High School, her influence is still felt in our community.  Thank you Mrs. Kolodi.

    Submitted by: Joseph McElroy, Vietnam War Verteran.

    * Peruse an impressive article "IN PERSON; Remembering Vietnam" published in
      The New York Times
    (10 Sept. 2000) and written by Debra Nussbaum.

    View article by clicking
    << HERE >>



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        John Dramesi, former Haddonfield wrestler, retired USAF Colonel and Vietnam war hero; was honored at the Haddonfield-Buena wrestling match on January 19, 2013.  He had been imprisoned along with Senator John McCain at the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" and was released after 5 years and 11 months in captivity.  As a Prisoner of War (POW), Dramesi escaped twice but was recaptured both times and tortured. The presentation was made by former Boston University wrestler, former HMHS head wrestling coach, and current principal, Chuck Klaus. This season, the HMHS wrestlers wear a small flag on their singlets - a replica of the flag Colonel Dramesi sewed when he was a POW.  Mr. Klaus presented John with a plaque commemorating the flag he sewed and later presented to President Richard Nixon upon his release from the POW camp. The original flag is in the archives and a copy is in President Nixon's personal library. Some former teammates of John's who showed up to say hello (and have him autograph his book, Code of Honor) were his brother Len Dramesi HMHS '51, Paul Sweeney '53, Jack Stanton '54 & Chris Goettelmann '51. For more information, please click on the links below:

          (1) Courier-Post article, Haddonfield to honor escape artist, Jan. 19, 2013.

          (2) Philadelphia Inquirer article, This is a symbol that inspires, Jan. 20, 2013.

          (3) Pictures of the event.



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    2012 Completed Activities


       Just a reminder, everyone, that HAS - HMHS is on LinkedIn! You can add HAS "GROUP" to your profile under "EDUCATION" for HMHS on LinkedIn.  It is a "members only" group - please contact (Sue) Susan K Herrmann to be invited to join.  Susan K. Herrmann is the approved site manager for Haddonfield Alumni Society on LinkedIn. 

       Go directly to her LinkedIn Public Profile:
    www.linkedin.com/pub/Susan-K-Herrmann/14/823/1b  Request to become an HAS member. HMHS Class of '65 has an additional site for its 50th Reunion members.   Sue will write the LinkedIn member with a question about graduation year, or just ACCEPT him or her to the HAS Group.  We encourage you to add HMHS (with your years of attendance) to your public LinkedIn Profile. 

    Everyone will know you are a proud Haddonfield Bull Dawg!  JOIN US ~

                                           Many thanks,  SUE KLINE HERRMANN, Cl. '65



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       On Saturday, Nov 24th, the Haddonfield Alumni Society conducted its Annual Meeting and Lifetime Achievement Awards Ceremony in the Haddonfield Memorial High School Library. The doors opened at 10 am; the Alumni Society hosted a reception to welcome attendees and awardees. Coffee, tea, cocoa, and donuts were served.

       The Annual Meeting and Lifetime Achievement Awards Ceremony commenced promptly at 11am.
       Each year, the society confers its Lifetime Achievement Award on Haddonfield school alumni and teachers who have made outstanding contributions to society.


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       The Haddonfield Education Trust (HET), a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing educational excellence of the Haddonfield Public Schools, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS), a 14,000 member organization of Haddonfield Memorial High School Alumni that is dedicated dedicated to fostering a sense of pride, community and continuity among former students of Haddonfield Public Schools.  This new collaborative relationship will allow the organizations to work in concert to raise funds to benefit Haddonfield Public Schools (HPS), directly benefiting the children of our school district.  The HET and HAS are excited to join forces to ensure that the quality of education our children enjoy continues to meet and exceed that of the finest private schools in the country, despite the budget crisis we continue to face.

       Information on the contacts for the two organizations are listed below:


         Haddonfield Alumni Society                      Haddonfield Educational Trust

         Wayne Hunter, President                          Tracy Jenish, Director        

         401 Kings Highway East                           One Lincoln Avenue

         Haddonfield NJ 08033-1297                     Haddonfield NJ  08033

         Office: 856-429-3960                                Office: 856-429-4130, Ext. 206

         Cell: 609-440-9676

         Fax: 856-574-9050                                    Fax: 856-354-2179 

         E-Mail:                                                        E-Mail:   

         mortgagesbywayne@comcast.net             director@haddonfieldeducationaltrust.org 

         Web Site:                                                    Web Site:

         www.h-a-s.org                                            www.haddonfieldeducationaltrust.org
        As a result of this collaboration, your Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS) has agreed
    to assist the Haddonfield Educational Trust (HET) in communicating with our alumni
    for their assistance in improving the quality of education for the children of Haddonfield.
    All donations to the Haddonfield Educational Trust (HET) are tax exempt.  Below is the
    direct link to donate to HET online.


       At the same time, your Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS) still needs your support.
    Please click on the Emergency Appeal below to see how you can keep your HAS

    Please click here >> (Emergency Appeal) <<



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  • HMHS Auditorium (Lights! Camera! Action! Project).

        Lights, Camera, Action,� a special fund created under the Haddonfield Educational
    Trust, has already raised over $40,000 toward a much-needed new sound system.
    Many events take place in our auditorium--musical and otherwise-- and the performers
    need a facility that can do justice to their long hours of hard work enthusiasm and

    For more information, please visit: http://www.hmhslightscameraaction.com


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    Ordering A Directory
        The brand new, beautiful, and hardbound 2009 Haddonfield Alumni Society Alumni Directory with new pictures and features should be shipped and available in early of 2009 through our publisher Alumni Research.
    The purchase of the hardbound directory with the basic subscription of $69.95 allows access to the following features at no charge:

    1.      My personal information.
    2.      Class notes.
    3.      Chat room.
    4.      Yellow Pages.
    5.      Access to email addresses.
          In addition, Alumni who purchase the hardbound edition may purchase the   
          premium subscription for

    The Premium Subscription allows access to all the features mentioned above, and gives the subscriber the ability to view the �Find a friend feature�,  which contains biographical and contact information.

    The cost of the premium subscription is $39.95 for the first year, and may be purchased for $9.95/yr. thereafter, if the subscription is renewed.

    If you, as an alumnus, have not yet ordered your directory, their number to call is: (800)925-8664.  A limited number of extra books will be available for purchase.

                    Click <<<HERE>>>  for Alumni Research's Directory Online Link.


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        We have received many questions concerning how classes can "give back" to
    HMHS and our present day students. Of course, one way is to send a check to support
    the HAS Scholarship which is $1000 annually. The other way is to establish your own
    Class Scholarship. Recently, the Class of 1956 decided to do this and established
    their scholarship "For Further Education in Music". Their "Press Release" was
    published in several of the local newspapers.

    Click <<<HERE>>>  for the Class of '56 Press Release.

        In spearheading the project for his class, Baird Foster did a lot of research and work
    so he thought he would share it with other classes so they wouldn't have to reinvent the

    Click <<<HERE>>> for the Class Gifts' Memo.

        Additional information on the Class of 1956 Class Gift to include:
              (1) A summary.
              (2) A picture of the first recipient.
              (3) A thank you letter.

    Click <<< HERE >>> to view additional info from the Class of 1956 Website.

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    2011 Completed Activities


    On Saturday, November 26, 2011, the Haddonfield Alumni Society conducted its Annual Meeting and Lifetime Achievement Awards Ceremony in the Haddonfield Memorial High School Library.

    The alumni award winners:
            - T
    he late former US Congressman John Adler (Class of 1977).
    Eugene H. Kain, Jr. (Class of 1965).
    John C. Stokes (Class of 1968).
    The late Kenneth A. Moore (Class of 1961).
            - The late Martin F. Kaelin (Teacher).




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    On Saturday, November 19th, 2011, the Haddonfield Memorial High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee had a dinner in honor of the 2011 Class Inductees:
    Ronald Biglin 1957
    Edwin Rouh 1967
    Craig Walter 1968
    Barry Schwartz 1969
    Colin Coffey 1979
    Victor Wiedeman 1980
    Alison Olver 1993
    Kimberly LaMaina 1994
    * Special recognition of the 1978 Wrestling Team and the 1992 Women's Tennis Team.








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Kathryn Oatway
Kathryn is a happy, energetic and independent person. What really sets Kathryn apart from her peers is her work ethic and commitment to a task. She was the type of student who always gave 100% effort and more.  She is currently attending Syracuse University.






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2010 Completed Activities



        On Saturday, May 1st, 2010, Head Wrestling Coach Pete DiPol and the
    Haddonfield Wrestling Club was honored three great men from Haddonfield
    Memorial High School (HMHS) with a wonderful evening of food and beverages.
    These men are the three New Jersey State Champion wrestlers from past HMHS
    wrestling teams.

    They were:

                 Chick Sherwood (56) who is currently residing in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

      Ron Biglin (57) who is currently residing in Murrels Inlet, SC�.and

      Gene Kain (64) who is currently residing in Haddonfield.

    The dinner was held at the Tap Room Grill at 427 W. Crystal Lake Ave. in
    Haddon Township.  The price was $100 per person.  A four course dinner
    (brochette & Italian meats and cheeses; penne all� amattricianna; stuffed double
    pork chop and chocolate souffl�), and beer and wine is included. Proceeds from
    this event was to the HMHS Wrestling Program. 

    :Alumni who wish to support the H.M.H.S. Wrestling Program can send their check
    made out to the "Haddonfield Wrestling Club" to Tom Baird, 70 Lane of Acres,
    Haddonfield, N.J. 08033

    Click HERE to visit the Haddonfield Wrestling Club.

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    2009 Completed Activities



        Six  former HMHS athletes and two former coaches were inducted into the HMHS Athletic Hall of Fame at 14
    th induction ceremony that took place on March 28th at Tavistock Country Club.

     Jeanne LeCato Myers (1956): field hockey, basketball, tennis.

     Don Greinke (1967): football, basketball, track and field.

     Dan Cronk (1971): football, baseball.

     Eric Magee (1972): baseball.

     Candy Baker Gottlieb (1977): diving.

     Doug Stewart (1989): basketball, baseball.

     Nick Baker (coach): boys cross country, winter track, and track and field.

     Maureen Baker (coach): girls spring track.

       In conjunction with the induction of Nick and Maureen, the 1987 State Group 1 boys track and field and the 1983 South Jersey Group 1 champion girls spring track squads were recognized.



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    2008 Completed Activities



    LLLLLLJulia Bartholomew

        The recipient of the 2008 H.A.S. Scholarship is Julia Bartholomew. She is attending Gettysburg College and plans to major in International Relations and Foreign Languages. Her future plans include working In the United States Diplomatic Corps.

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