TO: Wayne Hunter, President, Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS)
        cc: Carol Barbano, HMHS

 FROM: Baird Foster, Class Gift Chair HMHS Class of 1956   

 RE: Class Gifts/HMHS Reunions

    Reflecting upon our HMHS Class of 1956 50th Reunion and our establishing the “Class of 1956 Scholarship for Further Education in Music”, I want to share this scholarship concept with other classes that may be planning special reunions but that may not be considering a class gift in their reunion planning.

    A major class reunion, such as the 25th or 50th, provides an ideal opportunity for raising funds for HMHS through a class gift.  It is also an ideal way for a class to be recognized and remembered in a meaningful manner--a benefit both to that class and to the high school.

    After speaking with Carol Barbano, advisor for the HMHS Scholarship Fund, I have learned that there are three basic areas to which class gift funds may be utilized: 

(1)   The general “HMHS Scholarship Fund,” a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt fund.  Class gifts to this fund will  be used by the Fund Administrator as seen fit.

(2)   A specific gift for the school itself, such as monies to be used for special auditorium lighting (a current need) or another specific item which the high school may require but that may not be included in the budget.

(3)   A specific Scholarship Fund allocation for the class holding the reunion.  Contributions can be directed to the “HMHS Scholarship Fund c/o the Class of XXXX.”  These contributions are included in the fund and enjoy the tax advantages of the fund but are assigned to a specific scholarship.  The details and procedures of this plan can be developed with Carol Barbano at HMHS.
The Class of 1956 chose this third method, as it was that committee’s desire to have a scholarship for further education in music in the name of the Class of 1956. The initial fund raising yielded $5,600; additional contributions have pushed the total to $6,200 as of Jan. 17, 2007.  News about the scholarship with solicitations for contributions is sent via e-mail to nearly 150 classmates. A copy of our press release is attached. 

   The HAS has the opportunity to encourage class gifts and to make the various class reunion committees aware of the options and needs of the high school.  I would welcome the opportunity of sharing information about creating a specific class scholarship and making class gifts in general, with any reunion committee.  As noted above, the concept of a class gift may be overlooked and an opportunity lost for both the class and HMHS.

    Interested Class Representatives are welcome to contact me via Telephone (856-235-5862) or E-mail (


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